An Adventure

I have left the Mozilla Corporation this month. A lot of people have asked me why I decided to leave. To some, a decision like that is unfathomable. Mozilla has been my favorite place to work ever, so leaving was a difficult choice. I’ve done some things I’m proud of:

  • I built out the add-ons search (twice).
  • I helped rewrite our add-ons website in Django… and then all our sites.
  • I helped us ship solid code with continuous integration.
  • I helped grow our team with some solid people (about 20 people were brought in or interviewed by me).
  • I helped speed up our recruitment process.
  • I helped smooth out our on-boarding process.
  • I helped get a few members of PyLadies to DjangoCon.

Mozilla made it very easy to do things like this. It encourages this type of behavior. I’ve had a lot of good mentors, and a lot of great peers.

I also learned quite a bit of python. Hiring bright python engineers who are happy to share their knowledge helps.

The folks at Pinterest proposed an adventure for me. One where I’ll get to learn quite a bit on the fly, but also take similar initiatives at making engineering fun and productive. I’ll also be working on a product used by many people, but more importantly a product that’s used by quite a few of my friends.