How we slug at Mozilla

One problem we find with slug generators, is they do an awful job with unicode. For a string like this: Bän...g (bang) you get something like bng---g--bang- or at best bang-bang. But it’s 2011, urls can have unicode… here’s what we really want: bäng-bang.

In some cases transliteration might be acceptable. But if we look at Django’s approach it fails at Russian. Here’s a comparison with ours for the Russian phrase “Быстрее и лучше!” (“Faster and better!”):

>>> from django.template.defaultfilters import slugify as djslugify
>>> from slugify import slugify
>>> str = u'Быстрее и лучше!'
>>> print djslugify(str)

>>> print slugify(str)

So as you can see, the built-in Django slugify could be disastrous. So take a look at ours. If you have some more test cases, please fork it.