Getting started with pipe viewer

Despite working on slimming the database through dieting and exercise - I still have to occasionally do long running database tasks. So I finally tried out pipe viewer. As someone who’s impatient this has been awesome. Here’s some quick examples:

[root@ml-db10 sun]# pv -cN source < addons_remora.2009.09.15.sql.gz | gunzip|pv -cN gunzip > addons_remora.2009.09.15.sql
   gunzip: 10.1GB 0:06:48 [25.5MB/s] [   <=>                                  ]
   source: 3.47GB 0:06:48 [8.72MB/s] [======================>] 100%

Here we are calling pipe viewer with an argument that says to title this progress meter as source, and feeding it the gzip’d file. Pipe viewer will output two things the progress, and the actual file. We pipe that file into gunzip to unzip it, and back into another instance of pipe viewer (again with a title, of gunzip) and the standard output gets redirected to our destination file.

Now a simpler example is checking the progress of loading a large sql file into mysql:

[root@ml-db10 sun]# pv -cN sql < addons_remora.2009.09.15.sql | mysql -uroot addons_remora -p$PWD
      sql: 2.55GB 0:18:19 [5.68MB/s] [=====>                  ] 25% ETA 0:54:30

We could have probably combined all this, however:

[root@ml-db10 sun]# pv -cN source < addons_remora.2009.09.15.sql.gz | gunzip|pv -cN gunzip | mysql -u root addons_remora -p$PWD

Armed with this knowledge you can determine whether to grab a soda, a sandwich or a 2-hour lunch.