Resolving Django dumpdata errors

Recently I recieved this wonderful piece of news when I ran ./ dumpdata for the first time:

Error: Unable to serialize database: User matching query does not exist.

I knew this might not work out since I was dealing with a legacy database, but the resolution is quite simple. First I had to narrow it down to which app was causing this. Naturally I assumed it was one of the two apps I had, either common or restaurant. So I ran: ./ dumpdata common and ./ dumpdata restaurant. The latter had no problem whatsoever.

This made sense, since my common application was the only one that made any reference to a User. By looking in my for that application, I narrowed it down to my Profile object. Sure enough, commenting it out meant I could get my data.

It ended up being a foreign key mismatch between the profile and user tables. Since this is legacy data, this mismatch made sense. A simple SELECT id,userid FROM profile WHERE userid NOT IN (SELECT id FROM auth_user) gave me a list of bad profiles. Removing them allowed me to create my Django fixtures.