Fun with HTML5, Blockchalk, Bookmarklets and Google Maps

I’ve been filing away neat things that I’ve learned. Like:

This solves the problem I had with BlockChalk, which is I wanted a way that I could see what’s going on near where I am - and I don’t have an iPhone.

So I wrote two bookmarklets:

Blockchalk Me which will list Blockchalk listings near you


Blockchalk this Google Map which only works if Google Maps is open. It will load Blockchalks that are near the center of the open Google Map.

Unfortunately Blockchalk doesn’t have a lot of data yet, and will return no results if there’s nothing within a mile radius. Hopefully a radius parameter will be included for the API call.

So there’s no guarantees on the first bookmarklet, but the second bookmarklet should yield nice results for this location.