From Delicious to Mozilla

Today I said my good-byes to and Yahoo! and tonight I went to the Addons Meetup @ Mozilla to get a sneak peak at what I’ll be working on in less than two weeks.

I was thrilled. I had no idea how many people to expect, but the Mozilla living room was packed - and most people were there the whole time. Real developers with really cool addons giving feedback to directly. No matter how many blog comments, forums answered, customer care emails I responded to at Delicious - nothing beats the real insight and instant feedback you get from meeting a group of users face to face.

My brain, because of Delicious is always in data mining and analysis mode so through each presentation and each question asked, my brain was churning through things that I could build to bring some level of utility to the community.

I’m also happy to be joining an organization where everything is open sourced and available for comment. So I’m hoping to post a lot more on some of the cool tricks I do at Mozilla.