You can't go home again: A year in the Bay Area

Yesterday as I left work it dawned on me that I had been in the San Francisco Bay Area for a year. It is one of the most drastic changes in my life since going to college.

I remember announcing to my family that Katie and I were moving to the Bay Area as I had accepted a job at Yahoo! working on one of my favorite web sites, Delicious.

The decision to move, the actual move itself, the settling in period, exploring the area, meeting friends new and old… it was all an adventure. The question everyone asks is how’s california… it’s awesome… even after a year.

  • Back of our house We’ve successfully unanchored from our house and life in Minneapolis
  • Took the kitties on a plane ride and had them live in 4 different places in 3 days.
  • Took up a position working on Delicious and helped launch the new version of the site.
  • Had our car shipped across country
  • Had movers move all our stuff for us
  • Moved on up to a more spacious living arrangement that has rent that costs more than our mortgage.
  • We’re a short distance a Costco, Target, restaurants and the middle of a small town
  • Reconnected with friends from High School, College, Minneapolis and met new friends…
  • 3 of our friends (2 are a couple) live a block away.
  • We run into people we know
  • We got sucked into Veronica Mars, Buffy and Angel
  • Bike to work regularly… otherwise shuttle… rarely drive.
  • Learned python
  • Saw some pretty trees at Sequoia National Park
  • Went to Apple Hill
  • Saw Mos Def
  • We can’t go home again…

We’ve been to Minnesota three times, and each time it feels less and less like home. The home I grew up in is alien, the house we own isn’t our home. Stores open, stores close. Minneapolis has changed and we’ve changed. It still holds a special place in our heart.