iPhone and MacBook Air

I had to wait quite some time at the Apple Store only to find out my MacBook Pro had a battery that had been recalled.

So while Apple was wasting my time, I looked at the Macbook Air and iPhone. Yes, this is my blog where I’ll give my un-expert opinion on gadgets that people have already written about at length.


First the bad news. I think I have fat fingers. I finally “got” how it’s supposed to work, but keyboard interface and the gesturing was not to my liking.

If someone gave me an iPhone, I definitely wouldn’t mind, and I’d probably grow to like it. But at the moment… It really doesn’t do much for me. I like that I could access the web, and play with Google Maps, but the interface just doesn’t click for me.

I do want a smart phone, I think there’s a few nice alternatives out there. I think I can wait on the iPhone. But then again, maybe I don’t really need a new toy.

Macbook Air

So here’s the good news. Despite it’s lack of things, it really seems appealing. My biggest problem with my laptop is when I take it somewhere. Granted I bike with my Y! laptop short distances almost daily, but every now and then, I am toting my personal laptop, and the weight starts to drag me down.

It seemed reasonably fast, although with little effort I can bring any machine to a grinding halt. I think if one of our laptops go out, we might replace it with a MacBook Air. Although… both my MacBook Pro, and Katie’s Powerbook are pretty sturdy.