Girl Geek Dinner

Katie and I went to Girl Geek Dinner. The best thing about being a Geek Husband is having a Geek Wife to bring you as a guest.

The panel talk was pretty good. Featuring:

  • Irene Au, Director of User Experience, Google
  • Rashmi Sinha, CEO, SlideShare
  • Leah Culver, Lead Developer & Co-Founder, Pownce
  • Sumaya Kazi, Entrepreneur & Social Media Manager, Sun Microsystems
  • Katherine Barr (moderator), Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures

What really made the talk was it had a lot of good advice in general. Writing in a blog for example is how a lot of people got their credibility. It’s how I got mine, and why I now live in the bay area and ultimately why I work on

The talk was really reaffirming of my move out here. It also makes me want to code-like-mad.

Following the Django theme… Pownce was written in Django ;)