django experiment: Day 1 and Model Inheritence

[tags]django, inheritance[/tags]

I spent a few hours diving into Django. I knew enough python to get around, and also to be dangerous.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve learned.

Model Inheritence

So far I’ve learned that ModelInheritence is not quite ready. In other words, you can’t define in your something like this:

The model itself will work, and it will save, but things like Page.objects.all() will return empty lists.

Where I’m still shaky


  • still have to learn how to create templates.
  • want better understanding of the available field types.
  • want to find a good CMS plugin
  • want to know if there’s the idea of environments in Django (like in symfony)
  • want to override .save() on my models
  • want to learn how to have self-referencing models (E.g. a hierarchical category)

I’m going to keep on plugging along, it’s really easy to figure out django.