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So… before I left for MSP (I live in Silicon Valley, btw) my solitary disk in my Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ crashed… damn.

I lost backups (you know the backups I like to take just in case something happens to my laptop while in transit) and some non-essentials, like all the music I used to have.

So, I ordered some more drives and returned my old one to Newegg.com (I had to pay the shipping).

The upside is I got to learn the lesson fast and make sure everything is redundant right away. I have 3 250GB drives giving me almost half a gig of redundant storage, plus I have a replacement 500GB drive that’ll add some more.

I worry that I may have been hammering the drive by doing a lot of backups all at once, but I’ll give it another try. I figure if another drive crashes, I can get it replaced fairly easily.