ReadyNAS is awesome, Netgear is not so awesome

After much debate I decided to get the ReadyNAS NV+ with a single 500GB disk. It’s great so far. I even got ssh to work which means I have rsnapshot working (I can post details if necessary).

The problem is… I wouldn’t have needed rsnapshot at all if the CD they shipped me wasn’t cracked. I called Netgear (who is headquartered down the road, literally) and they said they can’t do anything and that I should call Newegg (the vendor) or call EMC the provider of the backup software (and my next door neighbor at work). Newegg could only give me a $25 credit which is fine, but as someone at my work pointed out… that’s not the same as a 5 seat Mac/Windows license for a backup software.

Of course… it’s impossible to hunt down an actual support email address for Netgear, so this might not get resolved.

FYI, Here’s some good links about readyNAS that I’ve found.