I recently read about the acquisition of MarsEdit by Red Sweater Software so I decided to check it out. I’m quite glad I did it does make my workflow a lot easier. What I had been doing up until today was this:

  1. I’d come up with an idea.
  2. Open up my writings project in TextMate
  3. Open a new file and start typing ideas, etc.
  4. Find the right blog to post it on (e.g. Spindrop,, yumbo the blog or Metroblogging).
  5. Login to the blog.
  6. Cut and paste titles, categories, tags, etc.

It was easy to drop my blogging habbit ;)

Now, I can do this:

  1. Come up with my idea.
  2. Select which blog I want to post it in.
  3. Write my idea.
  4. When it’s ready to go live, just hit submit to blog.

The one slight problem I have is I use a tags feature of wordpress in addition to categories (not sure why I don’t just use categories, but that’s another story), currently there’s no easy way to deal with WordPress plugins’ custom fields that I know of. So there’s an optional 5th step of examining the post on the site and possibly adding tags.

Still, these 4 steps are easy and all done from one app. It also features a preview of your post that you can customize per blog with a custom HTML template. Which makes it easy to just drop your blog’s style sheet and see if your post looks right.

Definitely looks like a keeepr!